About Us

Troll Tennis is your number one source for tennis news, humour, analysis and off the court gossip.

In June 2012, the burgeoning growth of social media combined with a lifelong passion for tennis culminated in the creation of the Facebook page Troll Tennis.  Steady steps lead to big change, and in the three years since, Troll Tennis has doubled, tripled and quadrupled its way to 168,000 page likes on Facebook. What begin as an outlet for passion had grown to numbers far beyond our imagination. The natural step forward was expansion, and in order to set up a uniform presence across the web, we created Troll Tennis profiles on Twitter, Instagramand even Reddit. These profiles do feature content from our central hub, the Facebook page, but focus on breaking news and event coverage.

Our first steps into the tennis world were as entertainers, as a humour-based page dedicated primarily to making light of the sport, the easygoing yin to the intense yang. As we opened our borders and forayed into multiple platforms, our tastes grew more serious, with equal focus toward tournament coverage and news.

To make this trend a firm reality, we established a website that centralises its effort toward sports journalism. Come for the jokes, stay for the information!

We have a dedicated social media and content team to provide you with the latest happenings in tennis.


Social Media Team

Revanth Parupalli – An engineering student from Hyderabad, Reva is our social media lead. Reva can create awesome posts faster than you can scroll through them! He is the crunch player of the team, the go-to man during crises.

Robin George – Artist extraordinaire of the group, Robin is working with a leading finance firm. Master of Photoshop, Robin makes updates about facts/records and important events of the tennis world.

Basia Gortych – Basia, a lifelong tennis fan, is a teacher based in the USA. She keeps you updated while the rest of the team is busy sleeping!

Rudradeep Biswas – Rudra, the youngest member of our team, is an expert at making subtle and hilarious trolls. If you are ever offended by any of our content, he’s the guy to catch!

Anis Hbaieb – Le Tennisman as he calls himself, Anis is a long-suffering Lleyton Hewitt fan. Anis, a Tunisian, caters to the European and African timezones.

Pranav Chinmay – The little master from Bangalore, Chinmay does number crunching, ranking scenario updates, website work and other nerdy stuff for us.

Sheryl Thomas  Sheryl is our super fast Instagram admin. She brings all the updates to you in real time!

Mihir Gawade – Mihir creates timely trolls and memes for the page much like Rudra, with pace and efficiency being his motto.

Dhaval Rajyaguru – Dhaval started Troll Tennis. He is the mastermind who coordinates all the social media profiles along with the website! Sometimes he even joins the rest of us by doing the gruntwork of making funny images. 😉


Content team

We have a team of 20+ writers constantly creating original content for you. If you are a budding sports writer with a passion for tennis and would like to join our team, you can apply here .

Jack Rossiter-Munley  Jack is the editor-in-chief of the website. He guides our young team and gives continuous inputs to them.

Amogh Jain – Amogh is responsible for the coordination and quality control of the website. He is also responsible for getting the articles done from the authors in time.