Disturbing times for the Djokovic family


Early morning at 3.00 am on July 25, 2018, Miloslav Radisavljevic was attacked by two masked robbers. He was robbed of his cell phone and 220 Euros ($260). The criminals kidnapped him and using the Ibarska Highway route, tied him to a pillar near a river and a corn field. The 85-year old Radisavljevic is the grandfather of Novak Djokovic’s wife, Jelena Djokovic.

“This morning I walked past his house and was amazed that there were police, firefighters, and there was ambulance. I asked the police what happened, but they told me they would hear. I only managed to find out that the man is alive and that he is found in the corn that is across his house. The old man is, but very good. He lives there. He has a son and daughter, his daughter is abroad.”

– Radisavljevic’s neighbour

After tying him to a pillar, the kidnappers sent messages from Radisavljevic’s cell phone where they asked his son to get 2 million euros ($2.3 million). Novak Djokovic had recently bagged a prize money of $3.08 million after winning his thirteenth grand slam at Wimbledon. When this incident took place, Novak Djokovic and his family were at Monte Carlo.

The following day, Dragan Lazarevic, who is the President of Ljig municipality said:

“We found him tied with foxes for a concrete bunker in the corn from where he came to help. It was by chance that the manager of the Utility Company Vladimir Stajic passed through the door, who heard the silence and came to the aid. We have already contacted several times his daughter Veru Mitic, Novak’s Cousin, who is currently in Monte Carlo, and who told us that her brother received messages asking for two million euros for the purchase.”

Radisavljevic said that when he saw the kidnappers realize that the ransom won’t be delivered to them, they tied him to a power line in a corn field near Ljig which is located in western Serbia. The Internal Ministry (MUP) said that the police immediately interviewed Radisavljevic and got on the case to search for the perpetrators. Since Radisavljevic had no injuries, the police have categorized the case under attempted abduction.


“Miloslav is well, he is at the hospital in Valjevo, and he will come home later this afternoon.”

– Milan, brother of Milosav Radisavljević

Djokovic’s Public Relations team said that they were definitely shocked with all the proceedings and were unable to give forth any statement at this stage. However, they said they were thankful to the police for their prompt actions and also asked the people to understand the circumstances.


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