Saturday School: The secrets of the Laver Cup trophy

The Laver Cup is underway and the first team to get to 13 points will lift the stunning silver trophy. The primary idea behind the Laver Cup was to honor Australian tennis legend, Rod Laver.
The Laver Cup was possible due to contributions from many sources. These include Roger Federer’s management company, TEAM8, Braziliam businessman and former Davis Cup player Jorge Paulo Lemann.
“Roger gave us this incredible challenge to create something that would honor the legacy of Rod Laver.”
– Tony Godsick, President and CEO, TEAM8

The Shape

The Laver Cup trophy’s shape is made such that its silhouette resembles a rocket. “Rocket” was what Rod Laver was fondly known as. Many believe it was his fast groundstrokes that earned him the name, Rocket. In reality, it was given to him by former Australian tennis legend Harry Hopman. When Laver came from Rockhampton, his native to Brisbane to play the state championship, he won the tournament aged 13. After that when Laver met Hopman, the latter remarked,
“You’re the Rockhampton Rocket, aren’t you?”


Rod Laver is the only player in the history of tennis to have won two calendar year grand slams. On the Laver Cup, this is represented by two groups of four lines (each line representing a slam) encircling the base of the trophy.

Two hundred notches
Rod Laver has won 200 singles career titles. This is shown on the trophy as 200 small, vertical stripes going around the rim of the trophy.


The World Map is made on the Laver Cup which voices the two participating teams: Europe and Rest of the World.


When the Laver Cup was promoted, it came with a tagline, “Legends unrivaled.” This simple quote is represented by the handles. The handles originate from the base and move upwards in a helical way to their final position in which they seem to come together. This portrays that rivals will now become teammates.

Tennis and Tradition
It took 400 hours to complete the making of the Laver Cup. The trophy is completely hand crafted and traditional methods were used.

Melted permanently

It was Rod Laver himself who came up with the idea of melting down one of his own trophies into the Laver Cup. The trophy chosen was the United States Professional Tennis Championship trophy that Rod won in 1968.


The engraving on the trophy says:
” Rod Laver, unmatched in his accomplishments, and respected for his distinguished character. He transformed tennis forever. “
The Laver Cup trophy is truly a state of the art considering the craftsmanship involved and the reasons behind each of its component. In a time where technology does most of the work, the hand-made Laver Cup trophy is stunning in its own way.

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