Johan Kriek on amount of cramps and defaults at US Open


Ok…. Here it goes. Just my opinion. The amount of cramps and defaults. ….
I was sitting in the player lounge when Jack Sock dropped….

A few days ago Kokkinakis cramped and had just enough energy to turn his racket into graphite toothpicks on the way to the net….( he must have had an “out of body” experience) since it looked like he was mad at “another body”…wink emoticon So I began to talk to this Davis Cup coach ( protect the innocent) from Europe who has impeccable credentials. We watched the same TV and we began to talk and we both agreed on the issues involved here. Firstly, today’s athlete needs to be strong, fit ( well, there are many different types of fit athletes depending on what sport you play)
Almost all the tennis guys spend a lot of time in the gym with some fitness guru. I see these “gurus” walk around with tans better than (George Hamilton or John Boehner) tight little shirts stretched tight over bulging biceps, adorned with some outlandish tattoo with very funky Kyrgios style haircuts ….ok, I am a little harsh perhaps but you get my drift. I can just see these guys in the gym pushing their “player” to do more weights, explode more off the mark and I am sure they do get stronger and they do get bigger and quicker….. But herein lies the problem. A five setter is not a sprint! It is a long distance affair at Flushing Meadows! These guys give 110% in every point every grunt every shot whether it goes in and if it does not go in, hit harder and if that does not go in hit everything else around that shot harder as well!! They absolutely blow themselves up!!! The USOpen is Totally different from Wimbledon.
These guys need to have stamina in various ways!! They need to be able to last more than 4 hours in 90 plus degrees! Their aerobic training seems out the window and everything else is explosive!! Stamina of “will”? What is that? Never heard of it….wink emoticon
Who knows what “products” these guys are taking that also may influence the sodium/potassium/ whatever’s in the bloodstream and is legal….
Get those running shoes on boys and girls and go run in Central Park for a straight hour! And do it every week of your training as part of your package. Not just the explosive strength stuff! Tell the tan guru you are going for a long run and he can go have his avocado and been sprout smoothie…
Roger is 34 and I am sure he had a “cramp” watching these people implode and that was from laughing…..

– Johan Kriek

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